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(Trying out Autodesk Sketchbook Copic edition)


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d’aw, hey there snew. hope you’re holdin up okay.

I’m doing okay. What about you?

New things. Playing around in SAI still.

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 23 now! :B

Hope you all have wonderful days regardless of whether it is your birthday or not. Love you tumblr xxx

Faffing about with SAI, as I don’t appear to have photoshop backed up ;^;

Got an illustration request this afternoon from my lovely friend and music maker for his new Silverback solo project. He loves it, and so do I! And hope you do too!

Just queuing up to see The Hobbit! Awwww Yiiiiissss

…and all the Victorian feels are coming from left, right and centre. The Doctor thinks you are drunk, ma’am! And Billy Connolly is totally perfect. And Gerard Butler, you are so young, my little baby. This was his first film! And so many quaint British sensibilities! Sobsobsob.

"About a little mole that wants to know who has pooped on his head"

The things I find in Dutch peoples houses #1


It was the dog.

Cute little Hindu demigod for you today. Enjoy~

I suppose this is something a little more serious than what I usually post here.

Yup, it’s Corgi time again.

I wish my boyfriend liked dogs. ;^;

  • Me: *reading something*
  • Me: *sees British word or spelling*
  • Me: *continues reading in an English accent*

Trying out some new things. Sadly, I can never seem to leave behind my terrible habit of CHUNKY inyerface outlines. Plz halp.